Despina has double rooms and apartments to rent close to Spiros Taverna 97, about 50 metres down the road in the hamlet of Kellia.
All the rooms have a private bathroom and there is air–conditioning, central heating, TVs and wifi internet, plus kitchenettes with fridges (either private or shared). The rooms either have a private balcony or open on to the veranda – where jasmine, bouganvillea and roses grow. There is excellent off–road parking and great views from the back of the house of the mountains in the north of the island, including the Pantokrator.
The family have their own taxi business which can be booked for collection from the airport, and of course the sad business of return at the end of your stay! Despina can arrange car and scooter hire for your stay.
The rooms are - 200 metres or so in each direction - from a couple of bus stops: Glyfada Beach is on the route just south east, and Ermones Beach to the north west (almost certainly where Odysseus washed ashore when he met Princess Nausicaa). Corfu town itself is about 30 minutes away by (air–conditioned!) bus.
Contact Despina for availability and prices.