Vatos poem
If you had asked me to guess, I would have guessed that an episode of Real Housewives of Orange County centered entirely around Shannon would be terrible, or, at the very least, it would be an episode I would not personally enjoy. That's what the series gave us last night, and to my moderate surprise, it was actually pretty decent. Who could have predicted? Shannon's life is not without conflict, which made for a couple interesting cheap moncler jackets story lines. First, she needs to move. Shannon, her husband and their three children have been trying to unload their monstrously too-big McMansion for quite some time, and once they finally found a buyer whose ability to buy the house was more than a giant game of pretend, they suddenly had only two weeks to clean everything out of the oakley replica sunglasses house's many closets. Yes, including the closet of extra lampshades into which we briefly caught a glimpse! The only reason we don't call rich people hoarders is because they have more doors in their houses, behind which they conceal all the crap they don't need and will never use but still cannot part with. Sound familiar? Shannon spent the first week of cheap prada bags her two-week moving timeframe fretting about packing instead of actually packing, which I'd make fun of if it weren't exactly what I would also do in that situation. Her solution was to invite the cast over to help clean out the place, which mostly resulted in the ladies' making fun of Shannon's fancy closet full of capri pants and cheap ugg cheap shoes. I will say one thing about living in a New York apartment: storage space here doesn't really give you the luxury of hoarding unflatteringly cut khakis or cheap, sparkly platforms.